Meal Planning Monday – 9th June 2014


So following on from my trying to get organised post, I’m going to be joining in as often as possible with the Meal Planning Monday’s over at athomewithmrsm. It’s not very adventurous but am hoping by joining in the linky I’ll pick up a few more ideas for scrummy meals, so here goes..

Monday – Veg and pasta/freezer night (food shop arrives tomorrow so running low).

Tuesday – Homemade Mushroom and Quorn pie with mash and veg.

Wednesday – Veggie stir fry. Need to take dogs to vets so need a quick dinner for when we get home.

Thursday – Casserole and Dumplings.

Friday  – Homemade pizza.

Saturday – Shepherd’s pie.

Sunday – It’s Father’s Day so probably take out or maybe even a meal out!

So that’s us for the week, I also need to make some bread and jam tarts with Chloe. And dont forget to pop over to athomewithmrsm and have a look at some of the yummy recipes!

Michelle x

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