A spot of shopping: Frugi, Liz Earle and String a Rainbow

So there has been a few bargains over the past few weeks and of course things that I just *had* to buy – I really need to curb that habit! Here’s what the postie has brought me lately,

Frugi haul

Some lovely goodies from Frugi – who have a £10 off £40 spend (and free delivery) on for the next few days in honour of their 10th birthday celebrations (happy birthday Frugi!). Their stuff is so lovely, such good quality and just generally lovely so it’s always good to stock up when there’s an offer. Sadly no pics of the girls in their bits as the weather has since gone cold and wet (Hello June!), but there’s a strawberry vest/bodysuit with a skirt attached for Izzy, along with a yellow normal vest. And Chloe got the blue spotty skirt which is great as it has shorts inside and will go great with some of her Frugi Tshirts we already have. I think as well the yellow vest/bodysuit was in the sale so even more of a bargain as they would have come to £45 at normal price but I only paid £31. No really needed but wanted, it lasts really well and there’s a good preloved market in various Frugi facebook pages or on Ebay once they’re outgrown.



LE cleanserAlso I picked up the new Limited Edition Liz Earle Orange Flower & Chamomile Hot Cloth Cleanser which is £19.75 from them for 150ml with 2 muslin cloths. There was a free delivery offer on so I thought why not – actually there’s another free delivery off on now until friday if you want to stock up on anything. I’ve written about how I like the Liz Earle range before (see here) and although it’s not the only brand I use for skincare I do still like it, nothing harsh in it or as full of chemicals as most others brands, yes there are much more natural products out there but LE ones do work really well and smell nice! I’ve yet to use it as I’m just on the last bits if my other cleanser but I cant wait to try it out as I do generally like orange scents, especially to help wake me up in the mornings! I think this is just out until stocks last so again if you do fancy trying it I’d get it sooner rather than later as otherwise it might be gone!


Also, Izzy broke her amber necklace a few weeks ago so I wanted to get it replaced (as well as getting the old one repaired which I’ve yet to do!). Chloe also still wears her grow up pink opal and amber necklace (see here) so I thought I’d get her something different as well. Dino-Daisy is where we’ve had all our amber from previously but sadly they are no longer doing amber jewellery. But then I found String a Rainbow who do custom amber and other beads on Facebook. So I placed and order and they arrived yesterday, so pretty!

SAR amberRaw amber on the left for Izzy and polished amber and rainbow beads for Chloe – who loves hers. I like to keep these when they out grow them (I have Chloe’s original amber necklace in her memory box) and they could maybe get them restrung or made into bracelets if they wanted to when they’re older.

And finally well it was Father’s Day so we treated Daddy to some new aftershave and a face scrub (sounds glamourous I know but it was posh stuff!) and Chloe picked out an Iron Man card for him and did some pretty pictures and writing for him. We went out for the day to a garden center with Nanny and Granddad and had a lovely time. We even brought some seeds to plant, as Daddy and Granddad are having a pumpkin competition to see who can grow the best one. I’ll do an update on the garden (it looks lovely) once the weather brightens up a bit – which could be a while!

Father's Day


And here’s one of the girls, just because I can! Sorry some of the pics are a little poor in quality, I’ve been using my phone a lot as it’s easier to upload via dropbox/wifi and because our normal camera is on its way out and is becoming temperamental (something to save up for before replacing). But anyway, sisterly smiles.

The girls

Michelle x


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