Meal Planning Monday – 23rd June 2014


The lovely weather has totally put me off cooking, so I’m thinking lots of pasta, salads that kind of vibe. But actually tomorrow we have to go visit Chloe’s school in the evening so Nanny is coming round to look after them and give them chips and veggie burger for dinner whilst we’re out so that’s one night of not cooking, yay!

Monday – We had veg and sausage pasta, with garlic bread, which they both demolished in record time.

Tuesday – Chip shop treat with Nanny.

Wednesday – Easy homemade pizzas, doesnt involve too much cooking at least, with salad.

Thursday – Cheesy broccoli pasta bake.

Friday  – Eggs, beans/hoops, sausages, chips and toasted muffin type of thing, all mushrooms too.

Saturday – Take out?

Sunday – If it’s not too hot then veggie toad in the hole or something with mash and gravy but otherwise possibly yet more pasta and things!

Michelle x

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2 Responses to Meal Planning Monday – 23rd June 2014

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Yum! Everything sounds delicious!

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