Our first Degustabox (June) review

Degustabox June 14

I’d seen mention of Degustabox since about Christmas time and although I was interested in the concept – a kind of monthly food subscription box, I didnt really think I *needed* it in our lives. However then I saw a deal whereby instead of £12.99 (which includes delivery) it was £6 something for your first box. So I had a search to see what had been in the last few boxes; Kettle Chips, Cawstons Press drinks, flavoured ciders, Lindt, Clearspring, Moma’s porridge, Dorset cereals, Goody Goody veggie sweets and lots more. So thought we’d give it a bash, I’m not sure if the offer I had is still going or not, I came across it on Facebook – one of those sponsored posts things had it advertised.

Degustabox collage

So I paid up at the start of June and the box arrived the other day, and for £6 I’d say yeah that’s kind of cool but had I paid £12 I’m not sure how I’d feel – everything will get used but there’s not really a favourite/wow thing in there. I must say delivery was fab, you get an email the day before delivery with the option to change the day if needed and then the morning of delivery you get told the hour slot it will arrive in, very cool. And it was packaged up really well too, thick bubble wrap and all that jazz. So here’s what we got..

Degustabox June inside

A bit of an eclectic/random assortment I think but like I said everything will get used – although some things more quickly and with more enthusiasm than others!

Bear Alphabites – we like these as a no junk cereal and have had them before so these will get used up pretty soon so useful.

Strawberry flavoured Lambrini – I’m definitely not that excited about trying this but as a summery drink it might be nice chilled from the fridge maybe?

Veetee rice – I think we’ve tried this brand before and it’s always nice to have some microwavable rice on standby in the cupboard.

Urban Fruit pineapple – I’d heard/seen of these before but hadnt tried any so it was nice to get some to try. The texture is a little odd compared to other dried pineapple I’ve had but it was nice and surprisingly enough both girls had a go and kind of liked it.

Be Fast breakfast drinks – Not really excited to try these, they would be perfect for OH when he’s running late or has to travel somewhere first thing but he’s not a banana fan so I think they’ll be mine to try. I cant say that I’d choose to have a banana milkshake type drink but I’m sure they can be kept in the cupboard for a running late emergency.

Elizabth Shaw amaretto flutes – I opened them to have a sneaky taste, I didnt think they’d be that nice but actually they are lovely not cheapy tasting at all. Really well balanced flavour but you definitely only want one or maybe two at a time!

Dr Oetker madagascan vanilla grinder – this is cool, you grind the vanilla fresh each time, I wonder if you can taste the difference? Again not something we *need* or that I’d necessarily buy had I seen it in the shops but it will be use and it’s interesting.

Estrella Damm lager – am sure OH will enjoy this at the weekend.

Tyrrells sweet & salty pop corn – as soon as Chloe saw this she said ‘I dont like popcorn’ but she tried it and then I couldnt get the bag off her! Izzy wasnt too sure on the texture of it but from the bit I managed to nab off Chloe it is lovely pop corn, fluffy and delicious. I’m sure we’ve had it before in another flavour but now I’m reminded how nice it is I might get some on the shopping, a bigger bag to share would have been nice though!

Girls and snacks

So it was different, I liked it but didnt love it, I was hoping to try lots of new things and be inspired a bit and I think I’d prefer a slight theme to the box, movie night, holidays, even just summer or something to bring it all together. So nothing was amazing and stood out but it was nice to rediscover some old favourites and try some new things. I dont know if I’ll subscribe to the next box at £12.99 – it’s nice to look forward to it arriving and having a few extra snacky bits at the weekend but not sure it’s worth the £13 for us. I think if maybe if the first 2 boxes had a few quid off then I’d definitely be willing to give it another shot but we’ll see. Oh and there was a card telling you the price of everything and I think it would have been £25ish to buy it all at rrp – not that we would buy everything had we seen it all on the shelf!

There however a few £3 off codes flying around for new subscribers, so if you do fancy giving it a bash for July then just have a little Google.

Michelle x


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