We’re back…

Well we’ve not actually been away away as in a lovely holiday (I wish) but we’ve been away from the blog, things have been so busy that I just needed to step away and enjoy family life and sort things out.

There have been some good times; Chloe starting school, Izzy’s birthday and last weekend was Chloe’s birthday – she’s now 5, the time has just flown by! And some sad times, our beloved Dillon dog is no longer with us, he had nearly 16 full and happy years and we were so lucky and blessed to have him in our lives.

So life is certainly different, getting Chloe up and ready for school, going to pick her up and not having Dillon around to look after. The house feels a lot emptier but life is busier than ever, parent evenings, homework, parties to go to, etc. It just kind of feels like a whole new chapter has started and I’m just not ready for it yet. I think being organised is the key so back to meal planning, budgeting and routines to get back on track, especially with the craziness that is Christmas up ahead.

But on the other side I’m immensely proud of my girls, they are simply amazing and I love watching them grown into their own personalities more each day. So I think I’ll leave it there and go make some to do lists and get started on this whole being more organised thing.

Michelle xx


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