Chloe at five years old


Yes, Chloe is now 5 years old and a proper little ‘grown up’ person. She is still on the smaller side for her age but is quite tall, weighs about 33lbs, is happily just in size 3-4y clothes and about a shoe size 9. She is however a right little chatter box and fidget bum, who is constantly running around, climbing on things etc – she barely sits (or stands) still for a minute.

She absolutely loves school, and is up before her alarm every single morning – she’d go on a weekend if she could. She enjoys her reading book homework too and is learning new things everyday, the speed of which is picks up and goes through letters and now words is fantastic. The one down side to school is the ruin of her shoes due to her running around, playing sports at lunchtime, climbing on the adventure playground etc so I’ll be buying her some black trainers next – why they dont make girls shoes more like the cool tough ‘boys’ shoes I dont know!

Chloe 17/08/14

She had a lovely birthday and got lots of lovely present, especially lots of Sylvanian Family bits for her new Doll’s House (she picked them over normal doll house people) and it brings back lots of lovely memories of when I had them as a kid. She is also learning to share a bit more with Izzy – it’s tough as Izzy of course what’s everything, now but she’s learnt to compromise a bit more. And everytime Chloe gets some pocket money, she says the same thing ‘I’ll save it up so that we can use it to go back to Cbeebies land again’ yep she loved it there!

Cbeebies Land

She loves Where’s Wally books but she secretly cheats and finds him on all the pages first before then asking us to do it with her and then she of course ‘spots’ them first on every page before us – cheeky! She also loves playing Angry Birds on the iPad and will soon tell me if I’m doing it wrong should I have the chance of having a go myself!

Halloween was fun this year, she loved dressing up and making paper pumpkin lanterns together, the school Halloween party wasnt such a big hit but getting to stay up late and give out chocolate to trick or treaters was ‘cool’.

Halloween 2014

I’m not really sure what else to put in here but thought it was about time I wrote these things down and started doing one every year for them both. So think I will come back and add more as I think of it. But quite simply, Chloe you are amazing! (Even when you get a grump face on!)

Mummy x

SS 3/8/14

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