Meal Planning Monday – 10th November 2014


The weeks are flying by and winter is definitely here, heating is on in the house and gloves are needed on the school run! So out come the comforting dinners – I’m really hoping to try and use the slow cooker more – I only ever use it for casseroles but I’m going to a few other easy meals this week.

Monday – Something super easy tonight as I’m feeling a bit cold and tired, really hoping I’m not coming down with anything. So it’ll be macaroni and cheese with lots of veggies.

Tuesday – Jacket potatoes cooked in the slow cooker – not sure how they’ll turn out and if there’s any difference than in the oven but we’ll see.

Wednesday – Casserole tonight, maybe a sausage and bean kind.

Thursday – Leftovers or pasta bake kind of dinner – yes cooked in the sow cooker, first time for everything!

Friday – Homemade pizza night.

Saturday – Toad in the hole and mash.

Sunday – A roast with extra Yorkshire puddings (my favourite part).

And dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week, I definitely need some inspiration for next week’s menu!

Michelle x


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