Baby, toddler & mummy reviews

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to Chloe, we all want what’s best for our little ones and so I’m always looking for the next new shiny thing to come along. I also always look for reviews on things before I decide whether to get it or not. So I hope that in sharing our thoughts on things then it might help others. Please feel free to add comments to reviews, if you’ve tried a product and found it better/worse or you’ve noticed something I haven’t, then it would be great if you shared. Dont be scared, all comments (except spam) are more then welcome!

Unfortunately I dont have unlimited funds for all the amazing things I see and want (wouldnt that be lovely!), so if you would like us to review something then please send us an email at michelleandchloe at

My reviews will always be honest no matter whether something was free, discounted or paid for myself. My opinions wont be biased or bought in anyway, I just want to share our experiences in the hopes that they help others maybe try something different.

Michelle xx

Baby and toddler things reviews

Beaming Baby organic bubble bath

Boo Boo Baby Skincare

B.Sensible 2-1 fitted sheet

CJ’s BUTTer All Natural Skincare

Dino-Daisy Amber Teething Necklace

Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

Oxo Tot – Feeding and Drinking range

Mummy things reviews

Liz Earle – naturally active haircare

Liz Earle – naturally active skincare

Mama Pack – ethical Mother & Baby sample pack

Pink Lining – Blooming Gorgeous Bag

Eco and cloth sanitary protection (CSP)

My Eco/CSP adventure

Honour Your Flow – pantyliner (CSP)

Jimmy Riddles – light pad (CSP)

Little Gumnut – slimbo (CSP)

Wee Notions – pads (CSP)

Zen Moon – pads (CSP)

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