Meal Planning Monday – 4th August 2014


We kind of stuck to the meal plan last week, this week however we’re going to nail it. I need to get into a routine now for when school starts in September. So here we go!

Monday – Leftover rissotto from yesterday and maybe freezer bits for the kiddies.

Tuesday – Enchiladas with potato wedges and salad.

Wednesday – Jackets and beans with garlic bread and salad.

Thursday – Quite fancy a Quorn Korma.

Friday – Homemade pizza night.

Saturday – Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, beans etc.

Sunday – A roast or toad in the hole with mash, depending how hot it might be.

I really fancied making a chocolate coffee cake over the weekend but I resisted but now I’m thinking that was a mistake and I shouldnt deny myself………….. so I think I might do that. And maybe make some ‘healthy’ banana muffins too to balance it out! Anyway dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week.

Michelle x


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Silent Sunday

SS 3/8/14


Silent Sunday

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The limited edition cloth nappy craze

TBs Royal FlushBG AudreyBG ChaplinBG Jules

Okay so there’s a super big buzz about limited edition nappies at the minute. It used to be that a limited edition print meant that it was available till stocks lasted which was pretty much a year. So you could pick one up at some point or if you waited it out till the next ones were being launched and then you could snap up the old ones on a clear out offer. Now there are the uber limited editions which are sold out in minutes, and the majority of people wanting it miss out or have to buy off Ebay/nappy forums for double, triple the price and in some cases a lot more than that!

It happened last year with the Tots Bots Royal Flush nappy, a gorgeous nappy – sadly it didnt take my fancy so I didnt go for it and am glad I missed the drama surrounding it! Next thing you know they sell out in minutes and they start popping up Ebay and selling forums and some even sold for over £100! Yes a nappy that was £18ish went for that much even some used ones.


And now it’s the turn of Bumgenius to bring out a super limited run of limiteds, first Audrey earlier in the year and now Chaplin which again sold out in minutes, with most stockists only having 10 or so to sell. It’s all gone crazy again! And that’s also not including that the Jules limited edition print from last year has now been discontinued and is a HTF (hard to find) print and again used ones are selling for £70 in good condition.

Now I have no problem if you want it, buy it and then dont like or use it for a bit and then decide to sell it and maybe make a bit of extra back on it. There’s not many times you’ll resell a nappy on and make money on it. And ofc they will only go for as much as someone is willing to pay for it but I do find it hard when people are just buying to sell and make some money. I just feel in the lovely fluffy cloth nappy community I’d like to think we were above that but I guess not.

Now I love prints, and if I see something and like it I’d buy it whether it was limited or not. And I get that there are other people who really dont care about the colour or print on their babies bum and just go with whatever is on offer or just white ones for ease etc – that’s cool for them, each to their own. And of course on the other end of the scale there are some that love a brand so much they want to collect all the colours and prints that are released and even in some cases keep them new in the packet like a collectors item – again that’s cool. I respect the dedication and if it makes someone happy then so be it. But it’s frustrating to miss out on something just because someone else wants to make an easy £50.

I hope the manufacturers sit up and listen to the many frustrated mamas I’ve seen posting on various forums and groups. If they’d made more then they would have sold more and everyone would be happy rather than 95% of their customer base feeling left out and annoyed. I get that limited editions should be just that limited, not around for long, but a few hundred going in minutes means a lot of unhappy customers. Having enough stock for a good month of sales based on previous releases would make most people happy I’m sure. I know you’ll never stop the people who want to make money selling them on but it would be less common place if there were more to start with and people had a chance.

That’s just my take, I’m not unhappy with the mamas that choose to buy them for lots of money or the ones that change their mind and end up selling and make a bit extra. But the people who have three or more to sell, all new and unused and are asking a premium price is frustrating to see – especially as it was meant to be a one per person limit! I’m really annoyed at the companies that chose to do it this way, yes you’ve got a lot of hype and buzz around it but mostly for the wrong reason.

On the plus side I guess I saved myself spending £18 on a nappy I dont really need, as there’s no way I’d pay more then the rrp, even if it was cute! But anyway I hope this cloud passes and doesnt crop up again, it’s not nice to have so much tension in fluffy groups and forums that were once a happy place of support and understating that we’re all a little bit crazy in a nice fluffy way!

Michelle x

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A (late) Meal Planning Monday 28th July 2014


So it’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve had tonsilitis, the doggy has been poorly, Chloe has been poorly, we’ve had Chloe’s last day of nursery and visits to her new big girl school (!) and family visiting. But now it’s the summer holidays, the sun is actually here and we’re all *touch wood* not sick, yay! So here is this week, this might get changed around depending on how hot it’s going to be.

Monday – We had jackets, hoops, sweetcorn, pitta bead and quorn nuggets.

Tuesday – Either tacos or enchiladas with potato wedges and salad.

Wednesday – Easy meatball pasta bake night, with garlic bread and salad.

Thursday – Homemade pizza night with whatever is left in the fridge.

Friday – Sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, etc.

Saturday – Toad in the hole with mash and veg.

Sunday – I want to say a roast but we’ll see how hot it is, if not maybe a picnic type of dinner.

Again I need to make some banana muffins up and I might try to make a fruit loaf in the bread machine. Anyway dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week.

Michelle x

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Tonsillitis – again!

So I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, tonsillitis has stuck again (second time in a year) and I’m sore, cant speak, tired, running a high temp and just feel bleurgh! I’ll spare you the pictures of my disgusting, angry looking, inflamed tonsils.

So I’ll be getting some rest for the next few days and lots of fluids and will be returning feeling fighting fit asap (I hope). So I’ll leave you with a pic of the girls to make me feel better.

RV walk



Michelle x

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Meal Planning Monday – 7th July 2014


So we had another busy week last week and Daddy was away yesterday at Sonisphere (lucky man!) so meal planning went out of the window a bit – and I forgot to post my plan. But this week we’re going to do much better, well I hope anyway!

Monday – As always the day before the shop arrives so it’ll be a pasta/freezer kind of night.

Tuesday – Jackets potatoes, quorn nuggets and a big salad.

Wednesday – Veggie enchiladas, homemade wedges and leftover salad.

Thursday – Veggie burgers and potato salad.

Friday – A simple pasta bake I think with garlic bread.

Saturday – Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, beans etc.

Sunday – possibly a cheeky takeaway?

Also plan on making some banana muffins at some point, might try and bulk it up and do half banana choc and the other half just plain banana and hopefully freeze some. Again not very exciting, I need to have a night of sorting through all the random recipes I’ve ripped out of magazines and bookmarked online and actually use them! Anyway dont forget to head over to athomewithmrsm to read what everyone else is having this week.

Michelle x


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Silent Sunday

SS 6/7/14

Silent Sunday

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