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Walkers Hoops and Crosses Crisps

I was recently asked if we’d like to try the new the Walkers Hoops and Crosses crisps. Now normally I ignore most of these offers but I had a look at the info for them and actually they are something that … Continue reading

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Review: Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 nappy

http://www.peachygreendiapers.com Following on from Peachy Green’s sized AIO nappies, they have now added a one size AI2 to their range. Now I loved the sized AIOs; trim, absorbent, gorgeous prints, the list goes on. And in general I’d always take … Continue reading

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Review: MayLily pocket nappy

http://maylily.eu/ There is a new nappy on the fluffy market, a luxurious minky patterned Birth To Potty pocket, made in the EU by MayLily. BabyBots are stocking them and can I just firstly say how much I love the print range? Here … Continue reading

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Review: BumGenius Freetime pocket nappy

http://www.bumgenius.com Everyone who uses cloth has at least heard of BumGenius nappies, if not tried one, and there seems to be a BG nappy for every type of cloth nappy user. They currently have the AIO newborn nappy, the AIO organic/Elemental … Continue reading

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Review: Ella’s House Bum Hugger night nappy

http://www.ellashouse.com Ella’s House Bum Huggers are loved by many a cloth nappy user and for a long time I’ve heard how amazingly good they are as night nappies. But until now I’ve never gotten round to trying them, that’s until … Continue reading

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Review: Preston’s Pants pocket nappy

http://www.prestonspants.com Preston’s Pants are the creation of an American work at home mum and have been on my to try list for ages as I’ve always read such good things about them. But as with buying anything from across the … Continue reading

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Review: Liz Earle naturally active haircare

http://uk.lizearle.com/ Most people will have heard the name Liz Earle and think of the cleanse and polish skincare (see the review here). But they also have a haircare range (which has taken six years to perfect!) and the latest addition … Continue reading

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Review: Pop-In new generation, +bamboo and +minkee AI2 nappies

http://www.pop-in.info Pop-In nappies are well-known for being extremely reliable and easy to use, but now they have been improved. Gone are the old version 2/3 etc and now the ‘new generation’ has arrived and along with upgrades, they now come in … Continue reading

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Review: FuzziBunz Elite pocket nappy

http://fuzzibunz.com FuzziBunz have redesigned their popular pocket nappy and have released the Elite, which is an all singing all dancing one size nappy that looks like a sized. Gone are the rise snaps on the front and inside is a … Continue reading

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Review: Liz Earle naturally active skincare

http://uk.lizearle.com/ Liz Earle is a big name in skincare, they’ve been going for over 15 years and they believe in using only top quality natural, organic where possible, ingredients and nothing is tested on animals. They dont do big advertising campaigns but … Continue reading

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